Ropes, worms, snakes, sausages, dreads…

… or friendship bracelets? These are super quick to make and spark the imagination. I first made these at a festival on Hampstead Heath where the wind threatened to blow away any woolly wisps. We needed to quickly come up with a speedy, kiddie-friendly activity which anyone could make and so these babies were born.

felt ropes snakes dreads bracelets

Here are some easy instructions:

Step one: tear a long strand of wool. This is your main colour.

Step two: tear some tiny strands of different colours and arrange loosely along the main strand.

Step three: if you have sweaty palms you’re ready to roll. Otherwise, dip your hands in water and start rolling the wool in between, as if you’re making a plasticine sausage. You’ll notice the smaller strands will start to tangle in with the main colour. The whole thing is less fluffy now and the felting process has begun!

Step four: Dunk the wool into some warm, soapy water and squeeze out the excess. Roll, roll, roll. Pass to your dad, aunty or big sis to roll. Roll again. After a few minutes the fibres are fully tangled and you have made your felt… snake/ rope/ dread/ friendship bracelet.

Step five: tie in your hair, round your wrist, or  scare your friends with your new snake!

felt friendship bracelet felt dreads

I find children love every step of this quick process: selecting and arranging colours, rolling into a rope, giving the wool a bath, more rolling and then finally deciding what they’ve made. Win win!

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