Had one of my most gratifying comments yesterday… I am so chuffed! I ran a feltmaking workshop organised by LONSAS (London School Arts Service) funded by the Arts Council with a remit to promote artists in schools to non-participating schools. I came home to find this email from Louisa, who co-ordinates this project:

“thanks for a lovely afternoon of felting- yours is the best practice / most effective in teaching ive seen since observing the sessions on this project – really nice to watch!”

It was Multifaith Week at the school, Westminster Cathedral Primary School and the theme for the session was religious symbols. A somewhat tricky one for the younger pupils, given a very short timeframe, but the 8 to 11 year olds flew with the idea:

This one is based on a Jain hand symbol representing non-violence. Yin Yang symbols were higly popular too. This was a particularly beautiful attempt:

And, being a Catholic School here is a splendidly crafted Holy Cross:

I worked with children with special needs, targetted from across the school as needing additional support with learning, confidence issues or behavioural concerns. They were all very keen to have a go, wonderful and energetic, and I thought had good levels of concentration giving the challenge of listening to instructions and watching a demonstration. A very satisfying day!

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