Four Seasons

Since December I’ve been working with girls from Ruth Lunzer Lubavitch Primary School to create these panels based on the Four Seasons. When I’m asked to create work with children on this particular theme my heart usually sinks for a moment as I have done it quite a few times already. It was a challenge to come up with a unique design but I’m pleased to say the outcome was quite different from previous interpretations. Here’s a sneak preview before the work is hung in the school entrance:

 Can you guess which season is which?

I began by working with children from Reception through to Year 6, teaching them to create simple pieces of colourful felt from raw fleece.

an introduction to feltmaking

The older girls were encouraged to consider how colour choice can reflect mood then used these colours to make seamless felted bags using a restricted palette. Finally, years 3 to 6 (aged between 7 and 11) worked in mixed age groups to create these seasonal circles. For Winter I had taken care to select colours which reflect a bright Winter’s morning rather than dreary greys. Luckily, the morning I worked on the Winter circles with the children there was an impressive pink-hued sunrise against blue sky… perfect!

I was delighted to receive this email from the deputy head after we’d finished on the Spring and Autumn panels: “just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful parents’ evening last night. We created a lovely display of the two panels, photos of the children making the felt, pieces of  wool, samples of the felt squares and bags. It looks really impressive”

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